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Thu Mar 23 11:30:10 PST 2000

> 3.)
>> Rowen wrote, "I apologize because I was not clear
>> enough in my statement. What I meant was, Medieval
>> instruments are often out of tune, not that they
>> use a different (and yes, an equally valid) scale. 
>> That is a  whole separate issue. What *I* mean is
>> that the instrument technology was a much lower
>> level.
> My new answer, "Somehow you are right. Many of the
> original medieval instruments were supposed to be
> on a lower technical level with bad sound and very
> difficult to tune right. Yet just visit in the year
> 2000 your local instrument store and try some cheap
> guitars and flutes and you will have the same 
> result!!!

> What I want to tell you:
> There is good and bad instruments today and it was
> not that different in medieval times. 

but i'm not only talking about the instrument, there is the issue of strings, which were lumpy, and not uniform. they streched and shrunk constantly, making it out of tune. 

> If you want to
> have a good gothic hurdy-gurdy (14th century) you
> must look around and at least I take a compromise 
> between historical and modern technoloy. The sound
> must be as original as possible. Yet if it is
> possible to build now instruments that get tuned 
> easily I accept this with joy.

part of the problem is fixed, not completely, but manufactured stings are less temperamental.

> All the best
> Thomas

Rowen Seer

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