minstrel: Several Questions, and more on Filk

mary k cummings mkcummin at unm.edu
Thu Mar 23 08:11:35 PST 2000

Personally, I have no problem with music up to about 1650 being considered
'period'.  There is much in music that harkons back to bygone years and
this was certainly true in 'period times'.  As long as the music being
used is not something that was considered innovative in it's own time, I
think we are fairly safe. :)

As far as Music Nazis or other types of 'period nazis', I doubt you would
be considered one.  I /believe/ the term is applied to those who take
Scadians aside who do not measure up to their own standard and /tell/ them
so.  In my own situation, the 'friendly word' was delivered in such a
scathingly insultingly sweet tone how /could/ I take it in anything /but/
the intended offer of correction?  (Extremely heavy on sarcasm.)  The
individual did not offer assistance, nor did she offer references,
resources or anything else /useful/.  Just that I was so /obviously/ out
of period and if I would /just/ follow /her/ style I'd be just
/fine/.  Never mind that she was a 12th century Italian and I am a late
14th Gael.  Never /mind/ that I look absolutely abismal in pink and lemon
yellow...  (Gaelic coloring, don'tcha know...)

That is a Nazi, to my mind.  Anyone willing to flex where /others/ are
concerned and strive for authenticity in /their own/ persona are
not.  Bless you for being willing to allow others the effort toward
authenticity that /they/ are willing to indulge in or can afford.  Show me
what I should do by example.  Help me with references.  Even
/better/... invite me over for a stitch-n-bitch and help me /make/ period
stuff.  I promise I can be taught.  I'll even 'make you proud' if you
work with me... But, if someone oh-so-graciously puts me down I will
ignore that person and his or her 'advise'.  I know that some people get
their jollies by being superior but I won't play with them. :)  Since, by
your own admission, you do not indulge in this, dear M'Lord, you are not a

(Just so you know I /am/ interested in authenticity and I /do/ try. :)  I
just do not have the time or money to indulge to my heart's desire. :} )


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