minstrel: Re: A Capella singing success

Richard H.C. Seabrook rhseabrook at mail.aacc.cc.md.us
Wed Mar 22 22:44:18 PST 2000

To your suggestions of voice quality, confidence, etc. I'd like to add the
occasion, the crowd, and as always -- timing.  I've never sung at any SCA
events, but I've done "Ca the yowes" and "O my luv is like a red red rose"
a capella at Burns Night festivities and historic houses, and I remember
doing "O my luv..." in a bar one night when you could have heard a pin
drop...  This song, with its octave-and-a-half range actually makes more
sense to do a capella, otherwise your accompaniment is all over the place.
Same story with "The boar's head carol" I did at a 12th Night feast recently..
Dick S.

At 08:59 PM 3/22/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>maintained by our noble listmaster).  I suspect that, as usual, it
>depends--troubadours who had a great deal of confidence in their voices
>might have gone a capella, while those with shakier pitch or less
>dynamic styles might have preferred instrumental support.  I do think
>it's hard to pull off an a capella performance with an audience that's
>used to modern recorded music, with the full sound of a rock band or a
>symphony orchestra.  But if you're a brave sort, go for it.

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