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Wed Mar 22 18:14:47 PST 2000

>> What *I* mean is that the instrument technology was a
>> much lower level. Even if you are playing an
>> instrument who's top string is supposed to be an
>> eigth step above A flat, it is almost impossible 
>> to KEEP that string at an eight step above A flat,
>> because the tuning pegs slip, the natural gut
>> strings stretch with humidity changes, etc. So it
>> would be more appropriate to say (to satisfy Vivian)
>> that it is very difficult to keep Medieval
>> instruments *IN* whatever tuning and scale they are
>> *supposed* to have.
> I've been playing with wooden pegs and gut strings
> for ages. They are more difficult to keep in tune,
> but I can do a good job of it. I doubt that medieval
> musicians were less adept than I at tuning.
> -- Gregory Blount
> whose nn key isn't workig very well

but you are using modern string and not ones you made yourself correct?

Rowen Seer

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