minstrel: My search for a period-looking guitar is over!

Alte Musik Salzburg schallaboeck at magnet.at
Wed Mar 22 14:19:47 PST 2000

Short answers to what Rowen Seer writes:

> My bard plays a guitar, not because she doesn't know better, and not
because she doesn't care.  She does care and that is why she plays guitar.
She is a professional musician, and we have yet to find a period instrument
that passes her high standards. She owns 5 guitars and all of them cost a
good deal of money. She has almost perfect pitch and cannot handle the way
most period instruments sound.

Also Bob Dylan and Carlos Santana are professional musicans and play guitar
and I am shure there guitars were costing a good deal of money. - Could they
play at your court?

To get really good period instruments is no more that much problem, at least
here in Europe.

> medieval music was often out of tune and out of time and I would not like
to see that.

I would not like it either. Yet before I must ask you to tell me how you
know that "medieval music was often out of tune and out of time". You got
some records???

Ever and ever when making my lectures on medieval literature and music I
find this prejustice that medieval artists were not able to make good music.
To hear this prejustice in a circle of people who are interested in the
medieval time astonishes me.

Thomas M. Schallaböck

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