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Alte Musik Salzburg schallaboeck at magnet.at
Wed Mar 22 15:22:10 PST 2000

Mary wrote:
>There were several
> album-sized pages of background notes, including some information on
> specific interpretations, as well as the lyrics with translations. I was
> overjoyed to discover the reissue, but the notes include only 4 CD-sized
> pages of background, mostly of the group, and lyrics with English
> translation.

Knowing that German is no problem for you and that you like information I
want to invite you and all the others to our Homepage. Still there is no
english version. Yet the German speakers will find on of our textbooks on
this homepage and with it a lot of information on middle-high-german songs:

"Gehab dich wol, ich kum her wider"

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