minstrel: My search for a period-looking guitar is over!

QuestTMK at aol.com QuestTMK at aol.com
Wed Mar 22 13:00:27 PST 2000

> Making medieval music we should use the right 
> instruments and if we cannot and we put knowingly
> some "wrong" instruments we have the duty to tell
> this our audience.

My bard plays a guitar, not because she doesn’t know better, and not because she doesn't care.  She does care and that is why she plays guitar.  She is a professional musician, and we have yet to find a period instrument that passes her high standards. She owns 5 guitars and all of them cost a good deal of money. She has almost perfect pitch and cannot handle the way most period instruments sound.

> Making medieval music we also should use the right 
> music and the right words. 

medieval music was often out of tune and out of time and I would not like to see that.

Rowen Seer

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