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Serious nostalgia note: Even the best CD notes I've found to date are
vastly inferior to what used to be available with 33's. I have BOOKs with a
couple old multi-record sets, for instance. This particular case is a
direct comparison: _Troubadours, Trouveres, Minstrels_, Studio der Fruehen
Musik/Thomas Binkley is a fabulous 2-CD reissue. I found the original two
separate albums as 33s in a library and taped them. There were several
album-sized pages of background notes, including some information on
specific interpretations, as well as the lyrics with translations. I was
overjoyed to discover the reissue, but the notes include only 4 CD-sized
pages of background, mostly of the group, and lyrics with English
translation. The sound quality is much better than my tape of scratchy
records, but I would REALLY like more notes with it. (Of course, _I_ have
the xeroxes from the original album, even if they can't be kept with the CD
very well)
	I also have a copy of a booklet with not only lyrics, but melodies,
that accompanied an LP a German friend taped for me of a German group using
some period instruments and performing old(but I don't know HOW old) music,
_Der Schwartenhals_. If this has been reissued, I doubt very much that it
is accompanied by so much information.

Now: old music, "new" group comment. This is also an old album(sometime in
the late '70s, I believe) reissued as a CD: _Liederbuch_ by Ougenweide. It
includes songs from several different periods, including Old High German
and Middle High German. There are two by Walther von der Vogelweide, one in
Latin from the _Carmina Burana_, one of the Merseberger Zaubersprueche, and
some more modern ones(well, modern from MY point of view). The arrangements
are their own and not necessarily authentic, but not "modern" either. The
notes include some information about sources on the really old ones and
translations into modern German of the ones sung in older forms of the
language or Latin. Although a less scholarly album than TTM, it actually
offers more background information. And both of them use pictures from the
Grosse Manessische Liederhandschrift on the cover;-)

On the other hand, CDs certainly seem to include more information than

	Mary, who's been around since 78's

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