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Tue Mar 21 17:40:21 PST 2000

Thoughts on: correcting musicical knowledge.

As long as you spoke politely and did not overwhelm with more information
than the lady could digest at the time then things should be fine. In any
case, ask her. Explain your concerns about your actions and ask her how
she feels. Maybe offer to lend some of you other CD's if she is
interested, and if she is not, leave it alone but leave the door open.

Thoughts on: what people are in the mood for.

One word, repetoire. I may not have spelled it correctly but it is a very
important thing. (And almost as important is letting people believe your
repetoire is larger than it is. If you have even been at a fire as the
only performer and every keeps asking for more and you are all out, claim
fatigue, a disappearing voice, or that you want someone else to do
something, and that if someone else performs you might sing one of their
favourites again.) Ask, "You guys want a song about death? sex and death?
sex and dead Scots? dead English? how about sex and a dead Russian? just
sex? love? cows and shepheads? No we won't go *there* Christoph. How about
a story? scarey? funny? a stupid joke? a long tale of a quest for love,
and evil sorceror and a beautiful frog? Okay, that's the one them." And in
fact many songs can fit into many different catagories. As you ask for
suggestions you list of possibilities can shrink AND grow. A tenuous
connection is still a connection.

Thoughts on: getting away from filk where filk is king

A lord in my branch writes new lyrics to period tunes. He often writes in
a period style and with a period sense of humour. Maybe try with those
sorts of things and then when they get commonly known you can switch to
the original words. (And most of the time both versions are dirty, the
older ones dirtier than the newer.)

> Born on the Lissfield? (Listfield?)
> All right so I don't know how to properly spell that last one, but I
> need these songs! I don't think that I'll have a problem finding them, 
> except the last one.
> Does anyone know where I can find them?      Or just the last one?
> Shasta

I believe the title is "Born on the Listfield" refering to the tournament
field, however, you may have a problem. When I learned this song I was
instructed that "the author wishes that it never be written down, never
recorded, so that we can experience the evolution of an oral history." I
have had a wonderful time listening to a performer from Outlands who just
moved near since his version starts the same as mine and then goes
somewhere different entirely. And now, after we have both listened to each
other we are hybridizing (even as we try not to) and coming up with
something that will be different to others who learned it from the same
fellow I learned it from, as well as all the Outlanders this newcomer left

I had another thought but I forgot it.

	Til next time,


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