minstrel: Music sources

Heather Senkler wl835 at victoria.tc.ca
Tue Mar 21 17:02:25 PST 2000

> >Interesting. All that talk about period music and your
> >Kodak moment is courtesy of Pentangle?
> >
> >                         Barak Raz
> >                        (Emil M Stecher)
> Emil,  If you are going to be dismissive, get it right.  Steeleye Span, not
> Pentangle.
> Martin Juggler
> <who may be wrong>

I am just amused that through all the many groups that have been mentioned
on this list since I joined, I think "Steeleye" is the only one I have
ever heard of, and I have never listened to it, them, er, that group. I
have learned most of my music from other people singing, from
documentaries, sheetmusic, and my growing collection of early music CD's
but such groups as "Anonymous 4", "The Dufay Collective" and one of my 
all time fav's "The Toronto Consort" (Oh, their music of the pilgrams tour
is just over, sigh.) I usually do not by a CD unless it has a decent sized
liner book or is from a label I know (Naxos, Harmonia Mundi and a
few others) or sometimes its just for the cover. I suppose in many ways I
am getting to the point where I might seem a little snobby about it all. I
would just rather know the name of the fellow in Drachenwald who wrote it,
what part of the Montpelier Codex is comes from, or the best know
publishing date for that particular aria. 

I do hope I do not seem full of airs. I just like knowing where things
come from. If it's a rock/folk song by the Arrogant Worms on their third
album them I'd like to be able to tell someone that if they ask me about


			Ekatarina (listen to "Da Woims" boss, thay good!)

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