minstrel: Response to Tangwystyl's letter

Killer Piper killerpiper at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 21 11:39:48 PST 2000

Thank you for your words on this subject.  They made so much logical sense 
to me and I see now what really is the key to getting the fringies to 
"dream" a bit.  I find that you are correct in your points that the filks 
have attached to them emotional ties, whereas peroid songs do remind many of 
boring english lit classes.  I have an oportunity to influence some of the 
fringe element in my local area and would like your advice in how to go 

I have recently won the honour of being the local bard for the next year and 
would like to positivly effect the populace.  I have had repeated requests 
to teach songs, but filk is what is most oft requested.  How do I teach 
period songs and please the filk begging people too?  Also, I should mention 
that I only know One (1) period song with the rest of my reputior being West 
Kingdom Trads and Filks.

How do I satisfy both wants?  I, myself, would love to learn period music, 
but in Cynagua, my Principality, we are very filk focused.  I am not aware 
of actually hearing any period stuff in my whole three years in the Society. 
  How do I seek it out?  How do I encourage it?  How can I show that it can 
be just as much fun as filk?

Thank you Tangwystyl and the list for bringing this subject to the 

Kaitlin Pyper

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