minstrel: Re: Can't get to English

Alte Musik Salzburg schallaboeck at magnet.at
Tue Mar 21 08:40:29 PST 2000

> 8-)  Some of us CAN read German, however. This did not do me any good
> tonight, though, because when I clicked "Deutsche Version" I got bombed
> had to restart the computer. My Netscape has been misbehaving of late. I
> presume that part of the site is ready to be looked at?
> Mary Loomer Oliver

Dear Mary!

Sorry that my homepage bombed you. I checked it today immediately and I
could not find any mistakes. Maybe Netscape does not like my pages because I
made them with software from Microsoft.

My counter controll at least tells me that people with Netscape are reading
my homepage. Maybe you try again?

.-) Tom

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