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Tue Mar 21 07:32:27 PST 2000

At 9:53 PM +0000 3/20/0, Jennifer Friedman wrote:
>Speaking of the lowest common denominator effect as concerns music in the
>SCA...I have been pondering this myself.
>Last weekend at a local moot in our Shire, after we concluded the business
>meeting and the feasting, our Seneschal turned on her boom box so we could
>have some music while we mended some of the loaner garb.  In seconds I
>heard "In the Hall of the Mountain King" filling the room.  I went over and
>checked the CD case and it was _Heavy Classics 2_.  Anguished, I grabbed
>the seneschal's arm and said, "Please, could we listen to something else?
>It's not that I don't like this music, but it's nowhere near period."  She
>was amazed. "It's not?  But it's all classical music..."

>The truth is, many SCA folk really DON'T have a clear, or even a fuzzy,
>idea of what belongs pre-1600 and what belongs after.  These are usually
>people who have more enthusiasm than education, but sometimes they are just
>unclear on a certain aspect of SCA period that doesn't interest them as
>much as others (music, food, garb, armor, blacksmithing...whatever).  Thus
>they make extremely wrong assumptions, not knowing enough to question
>whether what they've done/said is authentic to SCA period.  It's normal,
>it's a fact...now how do we deal with it?

	I like Grieg myself, but would never think of playing a CD with his
music in SCA surroundings. Of course, I have LOTS AND LOTS of really period
music myself;-) I think we do need to point out OOP lapses of this sort--as
nicely as possible, of course--or these people never WILL learn the
> no one else
>in the room cared, and probably only a few others would have been able to
>place "In the Hall of the Mountain King" out-of-period.
	Isn't this all the more reason to bring it up?
>if I hadn't told her, would she have
>arranged to have something from Heavy Classics played as a processional for
>the Prince and Princess at some local event in the future?
	By which time the discovery that she was so far OOP musically would
probably have been MUCH more upsetting for her!

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