minstrel: Feeling medieval

Efenwealt Wystle wystle at ipass.net
Tue Mar 21 07:16:05 PST 2000

>Tim Connor <timcon at flash.net> wrote:
>My goal is to, as nearly as possible, *feel* 


Sometimes, to *feel* more medieval, I'll not bathe for 
months at a time. Then I roll in the dirt and hang out 
in the Infectious Diseases Department at work to see 
what I can catch. If I really want to get in the 
medieval mood for an event, I fast for a week - eating 
only watered down ale and cabbage stew. I walk to the 
event site, and bring my own livestock to sleep next to 
for warmth.

If after all this, I still have the strengh to lift my 
recorder (my reproduction medieval recorder, not the 
plastic yamaha baroque one, mind you!) and remember how 
to play anything, I find I can really get the right 

Maybe I should follow up my performances by having the 
audience throw rotten food and run me off of the event 

<the preceding post is meant in jest and should not be 
taken personally. Tagdh merely said the right words to 
get my imagination going... :-) > 

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