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  >  AND YET...if I hadn't told her, would she have
 > arranged to have something from Heavy Classics played as a processional for
 > the Prince and Princess at some local event in the future?  Should I have
 > shut my mouth when I had information that might have helped her understand
 > SCA period better and thus have more fun in the Society? 
 > Okay, heart unburdened.  Tell me what I should have done. >>

I have been a musician now for some 9 years.  In and of itself is not a great 
period of time, but compared to my 21 years is a good chunk of my life.  When 
I first began to play one of the greatest lessons I had to learn was the art 
of Constructive Criticism.  Showing someone their mistakes is not a bad thing 
in itself, but you must be careful on how the criticism is delivered.  If you 
berate someone for their mistakes they will take it harshly.  They will 
become defensive and will learn nothing from it, yet if you show them how to 
better themselves and teach them they will understand and accept the 
criticism and use it to grow.

In regard to being Out Of Period, that gets to being a stickier subject.  
Being that we are recreating history that is over 4 centuries past it is not 
an easy task and exceptions are made even in the case of minstrels.  I love 
to play the guitar, yet this is most definitely not a period instrument.  I 
don't know about you guys, but I have had not one complaint about playing my 
guitar at events, well except when really out of tune LOL.

Well, before I get too wordy.  Just remember, teaching is a good thing.  You 
just have to be careful how the message comes across.

Toa Brown

Kiernan Delaney
Starkhafn Barony

County of the Black Rose
Kingdom of Aragon in the Adrian Empire

Raselsnarf at aol.com

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