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Thank you Milord for your courtesy in pointing out that I wasn't
making the list.
From: Camin Keplinger Bradbury <camin at mbayweb.com>
To: Greg Lindahl <lindahl at pbm.com>
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Greg Lindahl wrote:

> > Hey, like I said I like period music but I love filking.  You show
> > me that website and I'll filk to it.  No problems there
> You just told me to ignore or avoid you... I'm confused.
> BTW, like most people, I don't call writing new words to period music
> "filking".
> -- gb

And case in documentable fact, it isn't either, Fillk is a word that was
misspelled back in the 60's having to do with a science fiction
and some how the new term just stuck.

There is some serious documentation, to be found that Folk Music, and
yes one letter in this case is all the difference there is.... but that
folk music

was used both as a means of delivering news and Law, as well as to
entertain and amuse.  One tiny little letter  doesn't, however, change
arguement, Of to filk or not to filk to modern sources

For myself I will use what ever I have to, to hook them in, and then
back to more period stuff, or better let them give me words to work with
and see just where it can get to...( I have to be in a really odd mood
to do that)

What occurs to me here is that the one format, ( modern case in point
of "I love you") can be taken to another format ( pre end of period's  "
This old
and for all of me I see no reason why one shouldn't do so.
I've noticed that when I do, it fascinates people no end, because in a
lot of
cases, they
really didn't know there was a difference.  WE really get into fun when
we start
with the ABC/BlackSheep/twinkle twinkle/ and so on groupings, a lot of
that don't study music at all seem to be interested and amazed at the
concept that
then one set of lyrics can fit a tune.

Filk was and is a misspelling created in the 60's for Folk; and Folk
music, well I
want to try and document how far the entire genre goes, or when it
started.  Both
have their
place in  the SCA.

Personally I don't think I would want to change a word of "Children of
the Dream"

And I wouldn't want to change any of the stuff being done by The
Wildoats either.

Something to think about quietly.  And we are going to see this debate
more and
as time goes on, simply because new resources for study are being
unearthed and
every day.  Ain't Science a wonderful thing.


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