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William and Scianna Augustine peregrine.ent at worldnet.att.net
Mon Mar 20 19:25:51 PST 2000

My dear Lady:
Thank you for your compassionate perspective. From where I sit, as a Baroness and a bard, there are as many 
different versions of the SCA "Dream" as there are people who dream.

When I first showed up to the SCA, the reigning Baron and Baroness welcomed me enthusiastically, encouraged me 
to play the guitar at their campfire, and sang along when I performed such blatantly non-period tunes as "Dona 
Dona", "Suzanne", and "The Shape of Things". They made me feel welcome. They made me feel as if I had 
something worthwhile to offer. When I started writing my own songs, they encouraged me to perform them. They 
urged me to enter arts competitions, and I began to look for period material to perform. 

Now, these people had years of experience in the SCA. But they, and the people around them, never made me feel 
inferior for knowing less, and they never made me feel any less than welcome. Any gifts I brought to the fire 
were encouraged and, with their help, I grew in skill and confidence and knowledge.

Now that I sit where they once sat, I try to remember how I felt, timid and insecure and hoping that my gifts 
would be welcome. And I try not to lose sight of the great gifts they gave me: support, and encouragement, and 

Good lady, I don't believe you were wrong in asking her to change the music from "classical" to "period", and 
in increasing her knowledge thereby. But does she also know how the interaction made you think about your 
version of the Dream? The true gift of your story, for me, was in the compassion and love you demonstrated, 
while you struggled with the issues. Thank you for sharing your questions with us.

In service,

Baroness of Starkhafn
Kingdom of Caid

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