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At 5:33 PM -0500 3/20/0, Lisa and Ken Theriot wrote:

>As far as OOP instruments, I'd rather hear music on anything than not at
>all (I do draw the line on anything you have to plug in).
> I don't think
>Arabella needs to go about shouting the bardic equivalent of "Unclean!"
>because her instrument isn't period; I certainly don't when I play my
>guitars.  On the other hand, I wouldn't take even my cittern-ish looking
>guitar to a circle on Enchanted Ground.
	I play 13th century music on my harp, but it DOES have levers...
>< I love Sean Connery and Richard Gere but when I saw the film "The first
>Knight" in London with a good friend who is University Professor for
>Middle-High-German Literature we both were laughing very often at the
>"wrong" moments.>
	Oh, YES!!!

>The worst thing about the movie is that they tried to make Camelot out of
>what was to be Tristan and Isolde.  In an interview with Sean Connery which
>I read, he said that he signed on to play King Mark of Cornwall, and was
>amazed when shooting began that he had become Arthur (because the suits
>didn't think T&I would sell like Camelot).  Probably would have stunk
>anyway, but less violently.

As I recall it, it was so far from any version of the Arthur tale I've ever
encountered(and I have encountered many, mostly in print), it could just as
easily have BEEN Tristan and Isolde except that Tristan is a musician in
every version I've encountered. On the other hand, that's the first time
I've ever encountered Lancelot played as a lout, too.

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