minstrel: comments on Thomas' letter

Fiacha mneme at io.com
Mon Mar 20 16:17:21 PST 2000

Lisa and Ken Theriot writes:
>The Lowest Common Denominator strikes again!  We all feel "the mood ruined" 
>in pretty direct relationship to how educated we are. 

Never said truer, though some of us are better capable of ignoring
stuff that "doesn't belong" with good grace than others.

>Know your company.  Cleave to your own.

You know, I found myself very irritatied by this post, largely
because of your repetition of this phrase.  Part of it was the
repetition; it's not really any of the usual styles for this forum,
and is, IMO, a rather patronising one.  Part is the inherent falsehood
in this phrase, seeming to promote balkanization, where the SCA is
better served by an additude less resembling "find people like you and
-stay there-", and more resembling the following:

There are lots of people in the SCA doing lots of different kinds of
things.  Identifiy which groups are doing what, and only do the ones
you like.  If there aren't enough groups doing specific things you
like, form a group of your own, and if there's a market, you'll find
people to do what you like with you (and hopefully will still time to
do the other things you like).

>> In my opinion we got a kind of responsibility to be real and authentic! 
>> Nobody can be 100 % authentic but we can and must try to come as close as 
>> possible to it.
> If you feel this way, stay on Enchanted Ground.  
>I agree with Brendan that detailing your variances from strict periodicity 
>does not belong at a bardic circle.  ...  Again, perhaps a bardic circle in 
>Enchanted Ground would be another matter. 

You, Lady, seem to be entirely unaware of the meaning of the
Enchanted ground, it's purpose, and it's meaning.  It is not a place
where documentation is necessary.  For that matter, it's not a place
where documentation is permitted.  Nor, for that matter, are things
required to be 100% period, though more is, of course, better.
	With the Enchanted Ground, the rule is simple:

	We are not in the SCA.  We are in the Laurel Kingdoms,
somewhere within Period Europe.  Don't break the mood.

>guitars.  On the other hand, I wouldn't take even my cittern-ish looking 
>guitar to a circle on Enchanted Ground.  

Why not?  Certainly, I've seen guitar's get good receptions at the
Ground, and the concept, at least is period.  

Fiacha, who would really like to see more people at the Ground, rather
than scared away from it 'cause they don't think their garb/music/insturments/
speech/name is "period enough".  Especially more minstrels.  Show up.
Sing Songs.  Speek Forsoothly, with no fear of having your mood

PS.  I've seen Yaakov Hamazrachi run the Enchanted Ground in
sneakers.  He had foot problems, and it was dark.  On the other hand,
Duke Cariadoc, doesn't wear glasses in the Enchanted Ground (or at
Pennsic at all, IIRC), even though David Friedman certainly does,
because Cariadoc (carry-a-doc, btw) has never seen the stars.  Do as
much as you can.  Accept as much as you can from others.  Provide
rigorously, accept liberally.

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