minstrel: Who's afraid of the big bad filk?

M.Decker deckerm at ix.netcom.com
Mon Mar 20 14:59:11 PST 2000

My take on the whole thing:

Its amazing how nothing can happen on the list and then one topic comes up
and ...poof!

So anyhow...

I have this terrible tendency -- I hate gategorizing things-- but there is a
place and time for everyting.

One person commented on how when performing they say what is period and what
isn't,  and another said they don't do that with their garb, why worry about
our music?

For that the answer is simple-- we are, among other things, an educational
group.  If you were giving a demo in a school-- you would want to tell the
folks that no -- Apache moccasins aren't period and no... the archers didn't
wear their quiver over their shoulder...  But when I'm wandering around
Pensic at 2 AM looking for the port-a-johns, the *last* thing I'm worried
about is whether or not my Reboks look mideaval in the dark.

If I'm performing 'officially'  like at a demo-- I take the time, explain
the music and the instrument-- but if I'm playing around the fire at Drunken
Badger-- that is not the time to worry about it.

I tend to write my own songs (that way nobody knows when I make a mistake...
well, except when I wince or ... oh... forget the words)

When I write them... I don't really try for any style-- I write from my
heart and I don't worry about it.    Lets face it... with all the (IMHO)
lovely songs I've written, the most requested song I've written is the
'Troglodite headed dog' song.   (Dedicated to my matriarch's dog Shiva)

Filk is fun, but shouldn't be passed off as traditional, and yet... if you
write new period words to a period song I believe that is traditional...
(now if you take a traditional tune and add words about trying to get
through Breezewood... that's not period... fun, but not period)

My advice is roll with it-- there's a place and time for everything... and
the place and time sometimes determine themselves.  If you worry too much--
you give yourself an ulcer...

All we can do is work together, play nice (and sweetly)  and that my friends
it the sweetest music of all!

Mary - Briana na gealtacht

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