minstrel: Does historical science influence SCA?

Alte Musik Salzburg schallaboeck at magnet.at
Mon Mar 20 14:05:42 PST 2000

John LaTorre wrote:

> Well, here in the West Kingdom, it does and it doesn't. We don't come down
hard on
> those that don't adhere to strict historical accuracy (particularly if
it's from
> ignorance), but we value and reward efforts toward greater accuracy. I
find we get
> better results, more authenticity, and more fun if we encourage people to
> for themselves the joys of pursuing the goal of authenticity, instead of
> it on them as a standard. (My opinion only; I don't presume to speak for
> here.)
> Having Lady Arabella strolling by and playing Carolan on her Hofner may
> transport me back to the Middle Ages, but it gets me out of the year 2000.
> when she comes across somebody else playing Arbeau and says "How cool!
Could you
> teach me that?" then the SCA is working as it should, and as no other
> could (or as painlessly, at least).

Dear John!

Wonderful if you feel understand! And I feel you write exactly what I am

Starting 18 years ago with a group making early music we didn't have that
much idea about the music but much fun. Today I can say we know much more
about the music and the fun is still there!!!

I will never understand and accept sentences like,
"> I suspect that many, if not
> most of the gentles in the society (who aren't bards or performers
> themselves) don't particularly like period music and don't listen to it
> unless it's forced on them at an event.  When the garb comes off,
> Nirvana goes on the CD player.

What is going on with you????
If I go to a football game I want to see football but not waterskiing. When
I visit a medieval-event I want to see medieval times and nothing else. I
suppose there is the strong influence of marketing managers telling
SCA-people, "Do what the audience likes!"

For heavens sake I find in the discussions also people with different
To think about what people like: O.k.
To adjust totally yourself to peoples' taste: No No No! This is

Nobody is able to make 100% authentic stuff, but we should try to bring up
as much as possible. And be sure that the original music is not boring, if
the bard knows how to interprete it!!!


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