minstrel: Re: Can't get to English version page

www.altemusik.net thomas at altemusik.net
Mon Mar 20 13:29:10 PST 2000

Dear Melinda!

No dumb Americans!

Just an Austrian who does not know what to do first!

Unfortunately my secretary, my road manager, my public relations assistent,
my homepage-supervisor and all the others of my staff are still on holidays
and thats why the english pages still are not done.

Beeing honest all these jobs should be done by me and I must confess
sometimes I don't know where to start first.

The discussions in the list have been so interesting that I could not keep
my mouth closed although I wanted to keep quite still my homepage is
translated in English. Than I planned to enter the discussion and to
introduce myself with the link to our english pages. Now I must ask you to
be patient till my "homepage-supervisor is back from holidays".

I'll tell everbody on the list when the english version from
is online.

Thomas M. Schallaböck
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From: Melinda <melinda at se.mediaone.net>
To: <thomas at altemusik.net>
Sent: Monday, March 20, 2000 7:23 PM
Subject: Can't get to English version page

> I tried to get to http://www.altemusik.net/englisch.htm but get a "Page
> found" error.
> Please let me know when this page will be back up.  Unfortunately for me,
> can't read Deutsche or Espanol.
> (Dumb Americans!)    :)
> Thanks in advance!
> Melinda
> Jacksonville, FL, USA
> melinda at se.mediaone.net

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