minstrel: My search for a period-looking guitar is over!

John LaTorre jlatorre at midtown.net
Mon Mar 20 11:35:54 PST 2000

"www.altemusik.net" wrote:

> I got the feeling - and please correct
> me if it is different - that historical science does not make that much
> influence in what SCA is representing.

Well, here in the West Kingdom, it does and it doesn't. We don't come down hard on
those that don't adhere to strict historical accuracy (particularly if it's from
ignorance), but we value and reward efforts toward greater accuracy. I find we get
better results, more authenticity, and more fun if we encourage people to discover
for themselves the joys of pursuing the goal of authenticity, instead of forcing
it on them as a standard. (My opinion only; I don't presume to speak for everybody

Having Lady Arabella strolling by and playing Carolan on her Hofner may not
transport me back to the Middle Ages, but it gets me out of the year 2000. And
when she comes across somebody else playing Arbeau and says "How cool! Could you
teach me that?" then the SCA is working as it should, and as no other institution
could (or as painlessly, at least).

But there has to be be somebody playing Arbeau, and that's where folks like you
come in. The SCA without you would be like a flower without rain ... eventually,
it would die. The trick is to water the flower without washing it away.

> I love Sean Connery and Richard Gere but when I saw the film "The first
> Knight" in London with a good friend who is University Professor for
> Middle-High-German Literature we both were laughing very often at the
> "wrong" moments.

I have to agree with you here. I could imagine the following script conference:

"You've got this guy pulling out a pistol and shooting sombody. They didn't have
pistols, you idiot!"
"Gee, what do we do? We can't re-write the whole script!"
"Well, they had crossbows. Just go back through the script, cross out the word
'pistol' everywhere you find it, and write in the word 'crossbow.' "
"Hey, you really know your history, Clyde!"


John LaTorre (Johann von Drachenfels)

(who grew up in Ginnheim, just north of Frankfurt am Main, by the way)

"Always do right. It will gratify some people & astonish the rest."
--Mark Twain

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