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Emil Stecher gwrgi at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 20 09:47:19 PST 2000

--- Heather Senkler <wl835 at victoria.tc.ca> wrote:
> > Close, it was actually, it was Steeleye Span,
> they're even favourably
> > mentioned in the New Oxford Book of Carols.
> > I saw them perform this some 12+ years ago in
> Toronto on one of their tours.
> > 
> > Monika
> > >Interesting. All that talk about period music and
> your
> > >Kodak moment is courtesy of Pentangle?
> > >                         Barak Raz
> > >                        (Emil M Stecher)
> > >                        (gwrgi at yahoo.com)  
> Uh, could I have some clarification please. I have
> heard of Steeleye Span,
> but who or what is Pentangle? And is there a
> question of the era of
> Guadete or have I missed the point of the post?
> 	Puzzled,
> 		Ekatarina

Pentangle was another English Folk-Rock group of the
late sixties, early seventies. Apparently I confused
one of their pieces (where they grafted modern verses
onto a period Latin Chorus) with the Gaudete, which
was recorded by Steeleye Span, whose liner notes quote
the source as the 1582 Pietates Canciones.

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

                  Barak Raz
                 (Emil M Stecher)
                 (gwrgi at yahoo.com)              

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