minstrel: two songs . . . no clue. (story of my life)

ranger5 ranger5 at gateway.net
Sun Mar 19 20:24:33 PST 2000

I am looking for information on two songs.  One, I believe, is called
Llwellyn's Ride.  I heard it at Estrella VI  many years ago, and from two or
three different bards.    I have not heard it since.  I would love to learn
the words to the song.  I remember the chorus fairly precisely, it went:
        Put a sword in my hand,
        dress me up in chain.
        I'll fight all day and ride all night to see my homeland again . . .
     I will not write any more of it, as it could be that this song is
written by someone who wants to keep it in the oral tradition.  Based on the
words and the set-up of the song, I would suspect it is written by a
scadian, and is not period.

The other song I would like info on is 'Soldiers Three' (AKA we be soldiers
I really like the version that I know and I enjoy singing it, though not at
events.  The version I know is not period, but the melody may be, and there
may be a period version of the song that I do not know of.

    If anyone could be of help to me, please let me know.

    P.S. Just got a CD of various works of Hildegarde vonBingen done by
Hesperus.  It is quite excellent, I recommend it highly.  The woman who
sings, whose name I do not have before me, has an excellent voice.

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