minstrel: My search for a period-looking guitar is over!

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Sun Mar 19 15:20:41 PST 2000

> I have played a variety of lute transcriptions on this instrument and
> usually been happy with the results.  I'm curious as to how the [MINSTREL]
> list feels about this kind of hybrid instrument, though.

Dear members of the minstrel list!

Since something like two weeks I am on this list reading with pleasure your
discussions about filk, instruments and rules. Maybe this is not enough time
to get to know the SCA-ideas. Anyway I got the feeling - and please correct
me if it is different - that historical science does not make that much
influence in what SCA is representing. Or is there another possibility to
understand the acceptance of filk!!!

In my opinion we got a kind of responsibility to be real and authentic!
Nobody can be 100 % authentic but we can and must try to come as close as
possible to it.

People who did not have the chance to read and learn about the medieval
times do not know the difference between a German lute of H=F6fner and a
medieval-arabic "al out". They just see the minstrel dressed in a wonderful
costume playing an instrument and he hears him singing a song. The dress,
the instrument and the song will be in the imagination of this person in the
audience 100 % original medieval.

Making medieval music we should use the right instruments and if we cannot
and we put knowingly some "wrong" instruments we have the duty to tell this
our audience. I accept Lady Arabellas German Lute in a medieval content as
long as she is telling everybody that this instrument is not medieval. I
will get very angry if she does not. Sorry Milady!!!

Making medieval music we also should use the right music and the right
words. Singing modern contrafactures without telling the audience is as
ridiculous as most of the Hollywood-pictures with medieval themes and modern

I love Sean Connery and Richard Gere but when I saw the film "The first
Knight" in London with a good friend who is University Professor for
Middle-High-German Literature we both were laughing very often at the
"wrong" moments.

Prevent this in SCA. Be true!!!

Thomas M. Schallab=F6ck

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