minstrel: My new Guitar Lute: Anyone on the list have a problem with hybrid instruments?

Siandra Hoepfner siandrah at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 19 13:51:33 PST 2000

Thanks Lazarus!  Now I know the manufacturer of my new
instrument.  I can feel where my "missing" rosette
would have been mounted in the soundhole, and a
missing manufacturer's label certainly is no surprise
on an instrument that was probably built in the

I too wonder how the minstrel list feels about this
sort of "hybrid" instrument (Guitar Lute).  To me, if
it certainly "looks" period, and if you're playing
period music on it and attempting to "sound" period, I
can't imagine any modern re-creationist would have a
problem with it at events.  But you never know.  Any
other opinions out there?

Lady Arabella

--- "Donald F. Harrington" <dharrington at uswest.net>

There's no doubt in my mind, especially after
> looking at your
> pictures, that our instruments are brother and
> sister.
> I have played a variety of lute transcriptions on
> this instrument and
> usually been happy with the results.  I'm curious as
> to how the [MINSTREL]
> list feels about this kind of hybrid instrument,
> though.
> Lazarus Artifex

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