minstrel: bard favors

William Fleming gorp at erols.com
Sat Mar 18 14:32:23 PST 2000

Greetings gentle and talented cousins,

I admit that I am a bit dim but why do we need favors or insignia to advertise our availability to
entertain?  When I am in the mood to tell a tale or sing a song I call my audience rather than
waiting for an invitation.  If some entertainers are shy about presenting their talents so to are
some audiences shy about asking for entertainment.  In the SCA performers are not paid.  We entertain
because we love to do it.  Why should we hesitate to perform?  Those who love fibercraft are not
loathe to pull out their drop spindles, warriors do not demure pick-up fights, and brewers do not
begrudge to share the fruits of their labors(praise the heavens).

Entertainers should not by fearful of persuing their joy as vigorously as others in the SCA persue
their's.  Don't wait to be invited by the audience but invite the audience to experience the joy
which you can bestow.

--Lord Ruaidhri an Cu (The Bard who can't shut his mouth)

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