minstrel: bard favors

M. J. lawteller at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 17 12:36:07 PST 2000

Here in Calontir, we no longer have a standard way of recognizing a "bard". We used to wear a
purple sash with a 8 pointed star if you were of the "rank of file (feelay)" and 2 if you were of
the "rank of olladh". (yes, I know these are historically incorrect, but that is neither here nor
there).  These were ranks within the college, and carried no other status to them. All guilds have
had the inner ranking system dismantled under the riegn of Kensor II and Salamandra. However, some
bards still wear the sashes. They hopefully will make a comeback. There are some Bardic Circles
within Calontir that carry their own "insignia", such as the Bardic Circle of Forgotten Sea, who
uses a black and silver braided cord. 


In nomine Party, et Filidh, et Spiritus Sake.

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