minstrel: bard favors

mary k cummings mkcummin at unm.edu
Fri Mar 17 07:36:15 PST 2000

On Fri, 17 Mar 2000, Lisa and Ken Theriot wrote:

> In this case, there is a very definite problem, in that a silver harp on a 
> blue field is the emblem of the Order of the Harp Argent of Caid, the 
> intermediate level arts award for the kingdom.  I believe the actual 
> registered badge has a silver embattled bordure (which was necessary at the 
> time to clear a mundane conflict), but the medallions handed out to the 
> Companions of the Order do not (I know, because I've got one!).  Anyone 
> barding in a Caidan camp wearing such a favor would likely be presumed to 
> have an award they probably don't have.

Yipe!  How inadvertantly presumptive of me.  I'll have to keep the favor
for my own enjoyment and go with ribbons from here on out.  Thanks for the
heads up. :/


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