minstrel: Bard 'friendly'.

mary k cummings mkcummin at unm.edu
Thu Mar 16 21:57:40 PST 2000

I've been thinking about the ribbon on the post idea and I must say that I
do like it a lot.  I'll be recommending it's use at Pennsic, even though I
doubt /I'll/ get to go.

With your kind permission I will toss out my own idea.  When I am
'barding' at events out here, I wear a twist of blue and silver ribbons on
my left shoulder, or a favor of blue with a silver embroidered harp.  It
took a while, but the folks out here have begun to recognize these as
meaning that I am available for entertaining.  The favor is more difficult
to make than the twist, but is a bit more visually interesting.

Perhaps the combination of 'bard friendly' ribbons on posts and the 'I'm
performing!' ribbons on garb will get us all a little more
visibility. :)  Or, I would be willing to make the pattern for my harp
favor available.  I've done it in stitching and beadwork.  The silver
beadwork on blue velvet version is wonderful for Court. ;)


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