minstrel: Hmmmmmmm--a period looking guitar?

Stuart Joseph celtic at sover.net
Thu Mar 16 07:08:01 PST 2000


Tim Connor wrote:

> It depends to some extent on exactly which part of "period", and on how
> narrowly you define "guitar."  The lute as we have it now (seven or more
> courses) is very late period.  An oud is probably more like the lute of
> the high middle ages (except that Europeans probably added frets, which
> ouds don't have).

If you got an Arabic Oud (which we also have available), you could tie on frets,
whcih is period.

>  There are direct ancestors of the guitar that date to
> the 13th C.--they would have four or five courses, very small bodies
> (not necessarily figure 8 shaped), and gut strings.  The Latin American
> cuatro and vihuela are probably the closest modern equivalents, and can
> be had quite cheaply (try e-bay--I saw a cuatro there going for $139).
> You could also use a child-sized guitar, a tenor guitar, or a baritone
> ukelele.

That is why I found the 1/2 size Classical guitar to sell, but one must be careful
about the quality of the instrument. I bought one of the gutiars as a sample
(having had experience with the quality  inexpensive instruments before), put it
out for sale at Pennsic, and waited for the opinions of guitar palyers who tried
it out. The first person that played it bought it, after telling me what a deal it
was, so I ordered more, which also went rather quickly.
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