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Tue Mar 14 15:00:56 PST 2000

At 5:17 PM +1100 3/14/0, raymond.wickham at customs.gov.au wrote:
>Greetings gentles all
>	I am contemplating buying some books can anyone give me an opinion
>of them please

>	Medieval and Renaissance Music
>	(A Performers Guide)
>	Timothy J McGee
I take you mean	McGee, Timothy J., A. G. Rigg and David N. Klausner, eds.
_Singing Early Music: the Pronunciation of European Languages in the Late
Middle Ages and Renaissance _ (comes with CD)	?? I understand it will
help you with the pronunciation of this music in the original languages.
It's later than my main interest, though I would like to take a look at
this one myself.

 If you are at all interested in Minnesang,
McMahon, James V ._The Music of Early Minnesang,_ Camden House, Columbia,
SC, 1990.  is very good on performance.

I get most of my books of this sort via ILL and have to give them back, but
I have copied many chunks;-)

Mary Loomer Oliver
a.k.a. O, Frau O, Oma, and erilar
For particulars try
Erilar's Cave Annex: http://www.win.bright.net/~erilarlo

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