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Ken Comer kencomer at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 14 14:40:47 PST 2000

>I've heard interpretations of Gypsy Rover that imply that he was a lord of
>the Fair Folk, and the lady ran off to Fairie Underhill, ne'er to be seen
>again.  That storline might be period, emphasis on the might.  More
>likely it's 18th-century Romanticism.  I suspect actual attitute in
>period toward anyone running off to join the faeries was sheer horror.
>  Good point on historical attitudes toward the Romany people, though.

I heard that there was actually a Gypsy who had performed some deed for 
somebody important and had been given lands on the river Claydee (sp?).  The 
woman who told me this was a vendor who used a gypsy persona and she knew 
the name of the guy.  She had another song about him (the words and music to 
which she showed me in a book).  She may have been making the whole thing up 
(never can trust them gypsies), but she had nice details to back up the tale 
(REALLY never can trust them gypsies).

The bad bard of Elfsea
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