minstrel: more divers topics

Corrie Bergeron corrie at itasca.net
Tue Mar 14 14:06:39 PST 2000

period guitar - 
I looked for the period guitar on the celtic-cultures.com website but came
up dry.  Nice harps and bodhrans though.  

I've heard interpretations of Gypsy Rover that imply that he was a lord of
the Fair Folk, and the lady ran off to Fairie Underhill, ne'er to be seen
again.  That storline might be period, emphasis on the might.  More
likely it's 18th-century Romanticism.  I suspect actual attitute in
period toward anyone running off to join the faeries was sheer horror. 
 Good point on historical attitudes toward the Romany people, though.

What did Shaq buy for $400?  Should buskers be expected to pony up to ASCAP, or is
that responsibility of Fest organizers and autocrats?

Gaudete - I heard it on "Below the Salt" by Steeleye Span back about a
bazillion years ago.  Sounds like they recorded it in a stone chapel.
Nice arrangement.  And Traffic did a nice version of John Barleycorn.
As far as a Christmas Carol being used as a battle hymn, the Middle Ages
was full of irony...


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