minstrel: help with books pls

raymond.wickham at customs.gov.au raymond.wickham at customs.gov.au
Mon Mar 13 22:17:48 PST 2000

Greetings gentles all

	I am contemplating buying some books can anyone give me an opinion
of them please

	Early Irish Lyrics
	by Gerard Murphy

	The Composition of Old English Poetry
	by H Momma
	The Entertainer in Medieval and Traditional Cuture 
	(a series of papers from the Odense Conference)
	F G Andersen, T Pettitt, R Schroder

	Medieval and Renaissance Music
	(A Performers Guide)
	Timothy J McGee
	From Phoenix to Chauntecleer 
	( Medieval English Animal poetry)
	T Honegger)
	Love for Sale 
	( Materialist Readings of the troubadour Razo Corpus)
	W Burgwinkle)

	Medieval Comic Tales
	edited by Derek Brewer

	The Poems of Robert Henryson
	edited by Robert l Kindrick
	Guillaumes de Machaut 
	( Tale of the Alerion)
 	trans by Minnette Gaudet and Constance B Hieatt

Any help is good 
and extra info just ask 


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