minstrel: Who's afraid of the big bad filk?

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Mon Mar 13 20:51:01 PST 2000

On Mon, 13 Mar 2000, B.Zantingh(aka Bernadette) wrote:

>  Thank you, kind sir, for your gentle reply to this thread.  As a newcomer
> to the SCA, I was beginning to develop a deep concern that there was an
> unwritten set of rules and regulations regarding Bardic circles.  It does

Ah, but there is! And further, it varies completely from bardic circle to
bardic circle.  Example:  I was once at a bardic circle where a very nice
young man who was relatively new to the area sang a take-off on the modern
rock song "Is He Really Going Out With Her?" entitled "Is He Really Going
to Fight for Her?".  His hearty performance was met with an icy silence
followed by a suggestion that he never sing that song in the presence of
the other circle attendees again.  What was his offence ... the
performance of modern filk?  No, his offence was singing a song
disrespectful to the principle that any lady being fought for is
inherently worthy of being fought for.  Nobody at that circle gave a d**n
that it was filk.  The unwritten rules are _far_ more complex than any
sane person really wants to contemplate.  The best we can all do is
observe, analyze, fit the local "rules" as best we can, apologize if we
fail (_notice_ when we fail), and try to remember which set of rules goes
with which venue.

Hmm ... 'course, that pretty much describes life! :)  (Except I've never
been good at figuring out the rules of life.)


Heather Rose Jones         hrjones at socrates.berkeley.edu

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