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Mon Mar 13 12:19:32 PST 2000

> There was a recent uproar about a girl scout group 
> singin "Happy Birthday" at one of their functions
> (yep, that's under copywrite) so, no, it doesn't
> matter who's doing the performance, under what
> circumstances. The only reason most performers 
> don't have to go to the trouble of obtaining 
> permission to perform copywritten material is 
> that the venues in which they perform have to do
> that. 

in most cases, the Venue requires Artist to clear any
and all copyrighted material before contract is signed.
this also includes any and all joke or stories that may be copyrighted. 

> The way I understand it, they pay a yearly fee to
> one of the "clearing" organizations.  

just to be clear. Most Venue do not pay yearly fees to ASCAP, BMI, EMI or any of the others.  The fee would become to steep, and would drive ticket prices up and that is why they require artist to clear material.

> Therefor, the SCA would be exactly who an irate
> copywrite holder would target, just like the Girl
> Scouts were in the aforementioned example.

very true and as Lorein is a member of ASCAP, anyone wanting to perform her material in anyway must get permission from Lorien or myself before hand. We are very easy going about this and all we ask is that no recordings are made, and that Lorien is credited before the perform.  (Lorien is a professional musician that has written songs for television and has performed on many talk shows.)  It is in very bad form to do other peoples work with out asking and it is defiantly and copyright violation.

> Melusine d'Argent
> (who is a singer-songwriter in the modern world and
> has spent much time researching this issue)

Rowen Seer
(mka Sarah E. Leach - Business Manager to Lorien)

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