minstrel: Who's afraid of the big bad filk?

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> So "attempt to encourage filk singers to sing early music" is right
> out in your book? How about "publish materials to help filk writers
> use period tunes", such as Vlad the Purple's "Medieval Melodies for
> Filking" website?

I was planning to stay out of this one since I am so new to the SCA and do
not feel that I could render an informed opinion.  I do have a question,
however.  I recently wrote an anthem for our Shire entitled "To Tir Bannog"
and have used the melody from "The Ash Grove".  You can read & listen to it
on our Shire's website located at http://www.bulkley.net/~tor/ .  Would this
be considered a filk?  Disclaimer: The only stupid question is the one not

I would also be interested in knowing the address for the above-mentioned
website of Vlad the Purple.

Bonne Nuit!

Bernadette Mareschal de Valleé
Tir Bannog, Northern Region of An Tir

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