minstrel: Period music can get in your veins

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Sun Mar 12 20:44:17 PST 2000

On Sun, 12 Mar 2000, Heather Senkler wrote:
> 	All of that above is intended to show a balance in my likes as
> well as the gaps in my experiences. I am trying not to be biased. The next
> bit is my idea/issue/solution.
> 	Time tested and true: Enthusiasm!
> 	I have, with help infected people with period or "original 
> material period style" material. New sonnets, Shakespearian scenes, new
> translations of Old French plays. I have seen the classic "stick-jock"
> request a ballad, or seen a burly smith grace a dinning hall with a
> elegant tenor plain-song. I personally believe the key is enthusiasm. If
> we *are* performers, troubadors, entertainers, maybe even bards, then we
> must step up to the plate and show themn how it is done. I have had hours

There are many different ways to approach the question of encouraging
authentic "stuff" at events, but I have to second "enthusiasm" as the
approach that is most likely to keep the encourager sane.

The field where I've done this most is encouraging authenticity of
clothing design -- you can comment, you can critique, you can praise, but
in the long run I've gotten the most consistent results (and been the
happiest) with an approach that can be summed up in modern idiom as "Isn't
this COOL? I'm having a BLAST! Wanna play?"


Heather Rose Jones         hrjones at socrates.berkeley.edu

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