minstrel: Period music can get in your veins

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Sun Mar 12 20:19:56 PST 2000

> I personally believe the key is enthusiasm. If
> we *are* performers, troubadors, entertainers, maybe even bards, then we
> must step up to the plate and show themn how it is done.

Yes. Tibicien posted a long note about this about 3 months ago
advocating the same thing. It's a great idea, and I'd love to see more
of it.

> 	All of us, all forty of us, men and women, marching high, marching
> up the hill, with the strains of a centuries old battle hymn leading us
> on. I have always enjoyed that song. I may not be the most religious of
> people but I enjoy good music, secular or non. I have never had chills as
> such as those before, but I hope I will find them again.

The Calontir fighters have a tradition of singing as they march, and
it's quite lovely. Most of their material is modern, but they do do
some period stuff.

-- gb

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