minstrel: Who's afraid of the big bad filk?

FrogEyes78 at aol.com FrogEyes78 at aol.com
Sun Mar 12 20:00:44 PST 2000

I do have to admit, I know more filk songs than any other songs for the 
purposes of the SCA.  But, if you have ever been around a campfire late at 
night at Estrella War, you'll know that if you begin to sing a period song, 
they tend to tune you out.   Whether they begin to talk or to sing their own 
songs or not, they will ignore you.   I heard one woman sing the most 
beautiful song at this last Estrella and afterwards, when i began to wander 
around asking people what her name was, where she was from, or anything so 
that i might find out the name of the song, half of the people i asked 
vaguely remembered her even being there.  Even though we were all very quiet 
and seemingly attentive, still no one remembered her.   Most of these people 
were sober too.  But, about what you said about how you would not sing one of 
these songs at a court, well I have sung a filk song for the reigning King 
and Queen of Atenveldt at a feast that they were at.   We never would have 
thought of singing a filk for them but, it was a competition and the king and 
queen had requested songs that were: about a lord in our kingdom, our kingdom 
itself, our kingdom colors, or a filk song.   So we sang a filk song about a 
lord in our kingdom, Lord Moivar.  The competition ended in a toss-up with a 
woman winning with a lullabye that she had written by herself and it did not 
sound period at all, and us getting second place.   There being proof that 
the costume Nazis of the SCA have no standing in the musical section. 
     The point is, is that when people are drunk (which happens at every war 
and event that i've ever been to), they want to be happy and stay happy.  
Laughing is a good way to do that.  Most filk songs are funny and meant to be 
that way.  So, if someone ever would have a problem with filk songs, come 
talk to me.  I'm currently filking many songs in preparation for Potraro War. 
    And I do have to admit that I am also learning many period songs for this 
event too.  As long as they are either uplifting and upbeat, or funny, then I 
will sing them.  Oh, and they have to be exceptionally beautiful at the same 
time.   But no one wants to be reminded of how crappy they think their life 
is.  They come to wars and events mainly for fun in my opinion.  (If events 
weren't fun, would you go?)  So, all songs that I sing will not depress, 
'sober up', or make people think that I should be ignored.  I mean, the SCA 
is as period as you want it to be.  Some people think all fabrics, tents, 
manner of speech, songs and music, garb, shoes, everything should be period.  
But there are the others who come to have fun and are not there to bag on 
others the whole time.   

    But, since this letter is in response to what Julian the Foolhardy has 
written, I should comment on what he has written.  I agree with every little 
thing that he has written and he has said it all so beautifully that i have 
to ask this, Julian, if you are not already married, Will you Marry me?     


P.S.  For all those people who have very large problems with filk songs, just 
sing 'You're Always Welcome At Our Camp' to yourself and remember, my 
encampment will always be blue ribboned.  

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