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Sun Mar 12 18:32:00 PST 2000

	Hail and well met,

	I like the concept of ribbons for campsites and if it becomes
established it would be great, 
	I think we can become overly circumspect at this point
	if we encourage gentles to put up blue ribbons to relay their
interest in entertainment in their camp 
	I would consider this a great step forward and would allow the camps
to then vie for the entertainment 
	they are looking for by watering and such.
	If we start getting to technical with our signs too early then we
will get no where
	Just as an side where do blue ribbons stand with relation to the
Clan Blue feather
	Now we already know our audience may be lass demanding than we are
with our material and if you get up and start a 	simple 1350's
student Latin drinking chorus song the likely hood is that it will only go
down well with those who are willing
	to give the entertainer time however well it is performed
	I was presenting a competition piece at a semi informal feast a
while ago and with another gentle we attempted the Welsh 	Gaelic
version of men of harlech.
	So while into the song other gentles joined in and sang over us the
filk "Men of the Picts"
	Other than being very annoyed we felt totally ridiculed
	Similarly in a bardic circle singing period stuff usually gets a
polite listen then more popular chorus material is sung
	If we use a costuming analogy
	There are many people wearing Gothic garb or t tunics
	How do we encourage them to try making more period looking garb and
then make a truly period piece
	I believe that attrition of the beliefs is appropriate but refusing
to perform with those that could be led to 
	greener pastures is spiteing ourselves.
	We could lose valuable additions to our ranks.
	Should we not be encouraging 
	By that I mean encourage gentles to perform, then to perform pseudo
period stuff, write pseudo period stuff, 
	then hope that they seek period material.
	As with other fields in the SCA our friends and others in the SCA
are in it to do as much historical as they can stand 	and attempts are to
be encouraged.	
	If someone makes and incorrect statement as to material or origin
then they can be courteously helped 
	But we really need to remember that we are in the SCA not in one of
the Early Music groups etc
	So our audience has preconceptions 
	Every guild and group moving to purer output of their arts despair
at the gentles who fall short and perpetuate 
	errors and such.
	Performing true period pieces can be accomplished but moving the
whole society to a new level I believe would 
	be a fooles quest. As fooles fall in our realm this is not a bad
	Lead on noble Fooles I will hold the banner but will refuse to
strike a blow against the unarmed or unwary

	Damocles Truhart 	

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