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erilarlo at win.bright.net erilarlo at win.bright.net
Sun Mar 12 15:18:47 PST 2000

At 4:22 PM -0500 3/12/0, Lisa and Ken Theriot wrote:
> A good friend of mine has written
>many lovely, "peri-oid" songs on classical themes, period battles, etc.;
>however, the songs that get requested are the funny songs he's written in
>blues and country-western styles, because they are accessible to the LCD
>(and the LCD seem to be the loudest when it comes to requests).

	If the tonality and lyrics are period in style, why would this be
considered OOP? I have heard some excellent things of this type. Here is
something true to the period that everyone in the audience can understand.
Not too many understand assorted medieval languages, even if some of us can
and do sing in them. The minute you sing a modern English "translation" of
a period song, you are partly OOP, after all. A strict interpretation of
this version of the ribbons would mean no one could perform in modern
English, either.

>Perhaps we need another color ribbon to tie in with Tibicen's idea:
>BLUE=Bards welcome, any material acceptable
>BLUE&RED=Bards welcome, period material only
>BLUE&GREEN=Bards welcome, peri-oid material only

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