minstrel: Hmmmmmmm--a period looking guitar?

Siandra Hoepfner siandrah at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 12 12:48:08 PST 2000

I am brand new to this list and I hope I am doing this
correctly.  I have a question out there for all of you
wonderful, experienced SCA Bards.  I am just
re-entering the SCA following a lengthy "burnout
sabatical".  I made delightful use of my extra
creative  time during this respite to learn a new art
form--guitar.  I love it!  But I don't have years of
experience behind me, so I need to take it slow and
easy to work toward further mastery this fabulous
instrument.  So what kind of guitar (or guitar-esque
instrument) would you suggest for a Lady who wants to
have great fun and continue learning in a challenging
SCA environment?  Here are some particulars to give
you an idea of my personal tastes and needs in this
area: First, monetary wise, let's put a price tag on
this instrument of upwards of around $700.  Second, a
Lute is probably out (alas--so gorgeous!) because of
its complexity (I'm trying to be realistic here--I
want to have fun playing "in period", but not devote
my entire existance to the intricacies of a difficult
instrument.) Third, now that I'm throughly comfortable
with the mundane properties of chording and patterns
on a modern guitar, I'm a little nervous about the
tuning changes necessary on other, more period
instruments. And finally fourth, I love an open, rich
sound (especially that of a 12-string guitar.) Please,
please, please Goode Gentles All!  Can anyone help
steer me in the right direction with suggestions?  I
have read Iosepf's (W. J. Bethancourt's) most
excellent artical on THE GUITAR PRE-1650, so I have a
working knowledge of the kind of things out there, but
I could really use some personal opinions here (the
classic "if this were you and you were stranded on a
desert island with your SCA peers and could have only
one instrument, what instrument would YOU choose"

Lady Arabella Cleophea Winterhalter
Tyr Ysgithyr, Kingdom of Atenveldt

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