minstrel: Who's afraid of the big bad filk?

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Sun Mar 12 10:21:45 PST 2000

> I have no objection to period music and authenticity


> But the SCA is NOT a snippet of authentic period life, as much as we would 
> all love it to be.

No one claimed it was.

> It is illogical then to declare everything not 
> period at an event "bad" and "should be banned"--we cannot eradicate every 
> last bit of modernity.

You're beating a straw-man -- who suggested this? Why is it that
attempts to promote early music are often perceived as an attempt to
ban modern music?

> While a filk is an effort that does not lead to 
> greater authenticity, that does not mean it has no value in and of itself.  

I like playing modern touch football. It has value.

-- gb

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