minstrel: Re: digest 837 (blue ribbons, period music)

Debra Grove Debra=Grove%SSD_FINAID%MSCD at Bansrvr3.mscd.edu
Thu Mar 9 16:05:53 PST 2000

From: Vanessa Layne <dagoura at MIT.EDU>, on 3/9/00 4:27 PM:

>Not everyone reads music.  In my experience that is the single biggest
>reason a bard doesn't do period music.  And I know no one who does
>period music who can't read.

Well, I do period material, and I do not read musical notation.  But you're 
quite right - it does make finding material more difficult.  (and I'm 
learning to read it, albeit slowly.)

Rowen Brithwallt

"I do not resent growing older - many are not granted that privilege."

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