minstrel: Apology (Longish)

Kirsten Garner kgarner1 at ix.netcom.com
Thu Mar 9 13:51:03 PST 2000

Lady Jennet wrote:
> My
> persona happens
> to be late-period Welsh and, to my knowledge, there are few
> existing vocal
> pieces that are decidedly Welsh and that are documentably period.  Harp
> pieces we have, vocal pieces, not so much.

Where?! Please don't take this as a flame, I'm genuinely curious. I've been
working on the medieval Welsh harp music for ages now, and the only extant
source I can find is the ap Huw manuscript. Where else are you finding

Inquiring minds are dying to find out.. :)

Lady Julian ferch Rhys
Barony of Atenveldt

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