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Thu Mar 9 12:03:51 PST 2000

On Thu, 9 Mar 2000 erilarlo at win.bright.net wrote:
> At 8:37 AM -0600 3/9/0, John F. Hirling wrote:
> ><snip>
> >  (And I'd like to see filks banned altogether, but
> >|that's my personal quirk.)

> >doggeral set to period music, I wouldn't cry too much.  But if you mean the
> >time honored (and period) tradition of putting new lyrics to an old tune,
> >either as parody or with a new theme (e.g. "A Mighty Fortress is Our God"),
> >I'm afraid we have disagreement.
> Contrafacta([sp?] using someone else's melody for your new words) is just
> as period as composing your own.

At which point, it is the choice of melody and words that determines
whether the result is modern or period-compatible.  Somewhat similar to
noting that people in medieval Europe made clothing by cutting woven
cloth into shaped pieces and sewing them together with thread -- the
technique of manufacture doesn't guarantee a historically inspired result
all by itself!

(treading the delicate line between being a "famous" filk-singer and
preferring historic material at events)

Heather Rose Jones         hrjones at socrates.berkeley.edu

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