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At 10:41 PM -0500 3/8/0, William and Scianna Augustine wrote:
>> I would like to see more scope for speculative reconstruction in the
>> SCA, especially in music (that being my main interest).
>Might you define what you mean by "speculative reconstruction"?

This is obviously going to vary from person to person. I am currently
trying to perform Minnesang as authentically as possible, but since we have
NO surviving manuscripts for anything but melody lines for some of the
poetry, instrumental accompaniment, no matter how much it may be based on
scholarly opinion, is still speculative reconstruction;-)

Lady Mechthild zur Drachenhoehle, erilar
Maker of runic inscriptions, literate in the languages of the Eddas and
Minnesaenger, sometime performer of works of the latter, singer,
artificer,incipient harper, illuminator, archer, and Journeywoman of the
Minstrels' Guild of Drachenwald
				device: or, dragon statant contourny,
		 			wings elevated and adorsed,
				and upon a point pointed, sable, a bizant

Erilar's Cave Annex: http://www.win.bright.net/~erilarlo
includes a brief biography of Mechthild as well as an account of my
heavily-medieval February '99 trip to Germany.

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